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PROJECT HOME prepares Black Americans in Waterloo & Cedar Falls for home ownership no matter your income bracket or credit score.

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Home ownership shouldn’t feel unattainable.

Black Americans often face inequitable hurdles in lending and home ownership, no matter their financial circumstances.

At 24/7 BLAC, we believe every Black American who dreams of owning their own home should have the education and access to do so. That’s why we created PROJECT HOME, a series of free classes and coaching for Black Americans in Waterloo & Cedar Falls to help each participant master the home-buying process, make a plan, and earn a $2,500 certificate towards their down payment.

To date, about 35% of participants purchase a home within their goal timeframe.

Learn with Lekeisha.

When you attend a PROJECT HOME class, you’ll be taught and coached by a true expert in the field, Lekeisha Veasley. Lekeisha works in community and neighborhood development and is a certified home-buyer education specialist. She’s widely respected within our community and has garnered raving reviews from class attendees.

Conversations around finances can be uncomfortable (regardless of economic standing), but Lekeisha is especially skilled at creating a relaxed atmosphere. She caps cohorts at 10 participants to keep the experience personable and safe. With this setup, groups naturally connect, have fun, and cheer one another on in their pursuit of home ownership.

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As a participant in the program, you can expect:

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We partner with Veridan (a popular local credit union), Lekeisha (our highly respected instructor), and other foundations to give you the most well-rounded support and guidance.

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In addition to group classes, you’ll also receive individual coaching from Lekeisha to develop a plan around your specific credit score, down payment options, and beyond.

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Down Payment Assistance

Upon the completion of your PROJECT HOME class, you earn a $2,500 certificate. It can be used within three years towards a down payment on your new home!


Here are the parts of the Homebuyer Education Class:

The class is taught by a certified home buying specialist who has years of working with consumers of color in the Cedar Valley. Her knowledge and rapport provide a safe space to in which consumers can navigate the home buying process which often include the sensitive subjects of money and credit. Participants can rest assured knowing any situation they need to navigate will be handled with sensitivity, confidentiality and professionalism

Week 1: Managing Your Money
Managing your personal finances wisely is not only an important part of the home buying process; it's also a critical step in achieving financial security.

You'll learn about:

  • Assessing your cash flow situation
  • Money habits and attitudes
  • How to maximize income and reduce spending
  • Saving
  • Spending lans
  • When and how to get help

Week 2: Understanding Credit
Your credit demonstrates your ability to borrow money and pay it back.

You'll learn about:

  • Credit reporting agencies, credit reports and credit scores
  • Ways to improve your credit
  • Nontraditional credit
  • Ways to protect your credit
  • Your credit rights as a consumer

Week 3: Obtaining a mortgage Loan
Getting a mortgage for such a large amount of money is more complicated than applying for a credit card or borrowing money for a car.

You'll learn:

  • The mortgage payment and other cost of homeownership
  • How a lender decides whether to give you a mortgage loan
  • Pre approval
  • Lender's and mortgage loan products
  • Working with a lender
  • The loan approval process
  • Your rights as a loan customer

Week 4: Shopping for a Home
This week will cover the length of time needed to buy a home and the members of your home buying team.

You'll learn:

  • Shopping for a Neighborhood
  • Types of homes and types of ownership
  • Locating the right house to meet your wants and needs
  • Putting together an offer
  • Negotiating
  • What happens from contract to closing

Knowledge is power; purchase with confidence.

Getting started is simple:


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Join the waitlist using the button below to let us know you're interested in participating in a PROJECT HOME course. Courses are first come, first serve and in high demand, so don't delay!


Join a cohort.

We'll send you dates and details about the next available class along with a link to confirm your registration. When your course begins, simply show up ready to meet great people and get the scoop on how to buy a home on your terms.


Own a home!

Using the knowledge, plan, and empowerment you've gained, you can purchase a home and build personal assets that will benefit not just you, but generations to come.

Change the trajectory of your future and your legacy, starting today.

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Upcoming Courses


The program will have the following dates: May 4, 11, 18, 25. Registration is now open.

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Join the waitlist.

Barriers we’ve faced are unfair, but we can break them down.

Lending and credit issues have held back many Black Americans hoping to purchase a home. Together, we can ensure equal opportunities are available in our community and beyond.