A new chapter for Waterloo & Cedar Falls.

24/7 BLAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making Waterloo & Cedar Falls the place for Black Americans to live, work, and raise the next generation of thrivers.

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Home Ownership

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Our community should be a place for all to thrive.

But the racial inequality is staggering. In 2018, Waterloo & Cedar Falls were listed as #1 in the 24/7 Wall Street list of “The Worst Cities for Black Americans.” The article exposed that, when compared to their White counterparts, Black Americans were:

● earning less than half the median income ($25,897),
● more than five times more likely to be unemployed (23.9%),
● less than half as likely to own a home (32.8%), and
● 10x more likely to be incarcerated (2020).

For those of us who call this community home, the article was evidence of what we’d been feeling for years.

Righting this wrong couldn’t wait another second.

Tides are changing.

If you are a Black American living in our area, we see you; we are you. Change is happening! Allow us to introduce 24/7 BLAC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making Waterloo & Cedar Falls the place for Black Americans to live, work, and raise the next generation of thrivers.

Through nationally recognized programs in entrepreneurship, professional skill development, and home ownership, 24/7 BLAC is evening the playing field for Black Americans in Waterloo & Cedar Falls.

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To fully understand what 24/7 BLAC is, we need to express what it’s not.

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It’s not a pipe dream.

There’s no time for bureaucracy; we’re taking immediate action.

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It’s not a

We come alongside Black American neighbors already putting in the work.

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It’s not a
quick fix.

Lasting change takes time; we’re here to see it through.

Get Involved.

No matter your address, your resume, or your race, you can get involved at 24/7 BLAC.

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95% of your gift goes directly to programs that empower our residents.

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Advancement opportunities await ambitious Black Americans in our community.

Not sure where to start?
Contact us and we’ll help you plug in.

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Entrepreneur Graduates

Homebuyer Program Graduates

New Homeowners

Million Dollars

in local economic impact from closed homes

Here’s a quick look at our signature programs.


You don’t have to do business alone. Join the BBEA, a 14-week business crash course, and learn with a cohort of Black entrepreneurs how to overcome social, economic, and systematic challenges, while mastering fundamentals that save time, money, and stress.

Home Ownership

Tired of renting? Join PROJECT HOME, a series of free classes and coaching for Black Americans in Waterloo & Cedar Falls that help each participant master the home-buying process, make a plan, and earn a $2,500 certificate towards their down payment.

It’s time to break free from the chains of complacency.

Together, we can pave the way for an opportunity-laden, equality- boasting community that represents who we really are.